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Mick O'Driscoll 

Artist Biography 

My story is simple, I’m a self taught artist and loved what worked, and what didn't.. well lets just say you'll never see it. My passion for Art began in the early 90's whilst working night shifts, I would return home make a cup of tea and settle down with Bob Ross on the TV and I would watch him work his magic at 4am in the morning and oh how easy it looked, so without hesitation I invested in some Bob Ross oil paints and canvases. Damn that Bob Ross he made it look so easy ?!


Needless to say that the first paintings were not that clever, however I did see improvement in each painting and I was learning different things each time like how to mix the paint with different mediums and how the paint reacted with different mediums. So I managed to pull off a couple of paintings which I was happy and proud of and I was able to  overcome some painting challenges that I couldn’t do before. 

Until one day that was it, the paint box which I lovingly made was put away...I can't really remember why I think it must have been work related and then I moved companies and Bob and I just drifted apart as Bob was only available early hours in the morning, but as luck would have it the age of video recording was amongst us and so I recorded in VHS about 10 tapes worth of proper binge watching material and to this day I still have them. But my painting days were soon to be revisited as the lockdown happened in 2020, my wife discovered my painting box in the cupboard and so for 23 years they then saw the light of day again, curiosity got the better of me and I wondered if I could still paint ? So once again the search for Uncle Bob began once again but to my surprise I found him on Amazon and Netflix, he has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years, so Bob and I continued our relationship. although he hadn't aged at all ! So my first painting was a complete success and I surprised myself and my second also, this felt so good, I had plenty of time so continued to paint with Bob as my mentor until I broke the chains and decided that I could push the boundaries of my skills and paint something outside the Bob box, and to my amazement I got challenged big time but I pulled it off and also struggled with some of the paints as they were now over 20 years old, a new investment was needed so I brought some new Bob Ross oil paints and a new easel and was really glad that I did.

I’ve enjoyed it immensely and I've been pushing myself in different directions and to paint different styles, some abstract, seascapes and portraits. So as my new adventure begins with acrylic paint, another new adventure for me begins in the interest of selling my pieces and working on commissioned pieces.

I hope my paintings can bring you joy as much as it made me happy creating them.

Mick O'Driscoll

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